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Work Type: Full Time


As a Visual designer with an emphasis on communications, UI, Marketing and branding, we are looking at you to be an expert in telling compelling stories through design. You may be responsible for creative concept or design execution within a diverse team of strategists, writers, or video production or Even UI design for a tech-project. You will work with different stakeholders across a range of projects from internal product development to external client support. The ideal candidate will be comfortable working remotely as part of a cross-functional team and managing their day to day tasks. 


We’re looking for a Visual Designer with experience across a wide array of communication, UI, Marketing, branding activities and deliverables to work with both our Houston and Bengaluru teams. The following items should sound like you:  

  • 3 - 8 years of experience working in the creative field of design and/or marketing

  • Comfortable working in a cross-functional creative team while also being available to join in-person events and Team meetings in the Bengaluru office.

  • Marketing, Branding,UI design it doesn’t matter – you have a passion for visual storytelling no matter the format. 

  • A deep understanding of what it takes to build a compelling visual brand and how to bring it to life.

  • Capable of managing time and budget to achieve deadlines.

  • Balance creativity with practicality, experimentation with getting work done.

  • Think beyond the project plan; a list of tasks is your guide but not your boundary.  

  • Be comfortable presenting and co-creating work to cross functional teams or clients.  

  • Listen, really listen, to your collaborators.  

  • Own your projects by answering as many questions as you ask.  

  • Be a wizard with design tools (Adobe creative suite). 

  • Love typography, color, and grids.  

  • Bring your passions and curiosity to work.

  • Understand the internal technology platforms we use every day (Google products, Creative Cloud)  


We want to save your time and our time, so here are a few things we don’t want in a Visual Designer. If any of these things sound like you at all, please do not apply. This is not the place for you.  

  • You need all of your questions answered before you can start working. We are asked to solve very difficult problems with incomplete information. 

  • You are looking to work on a specific subset of design activities. We contract with  “T-shaped” people. For example, if you LOVE designing websites and wish you could just do that, you won’t be happy here. 

  • You are too good to work on an executive power point presentation or something “not-so-creative.” 

  • You are afraid of working collaboratively or solo, our work requires a mix depending on the initiative.

  • You can’t handle change, multiple projects, a little chaos, sarcasm, or shade. 

Have a look at our demo reel ( and poke around our website.

We will only consider applicants who include a resume and a link to a digital portfolio. 

We're Softway. We are based in Houston, TX and Bengaluru, IN and we’re currently looking for a Visual Designer with an emphasis on communications & branding to work with us at the Bengaluru office.

What we do. We help change enterprises through business-to-employee (B2E) solutions that personally connect with teams. Our goal is to bring humanity back to the workplace. We do it by bringing bright people together from all walks of life and every imaginable background, letting them loose on a challenge, and making content that’s binge-worthy no matter the project. 

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